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Who are these methods for ?

  • Begginers who have never wrote or created a melody in their life.

Beginners who have never wrote a melody in their life. We will learn you how to create melodys in less than ten minutes. Guaranteed.

  • Songwriters who suffer or worry about writers block

Even if you're not in the mood to write a song you will still be able to create great melodys using our methods.

  • Singer/Songwriters

Anyone trying to make it as a songwriter and you want to go way beyond Posting your songs on songwriting forums or you tube for critique in the hope of someone discovering your songs. Our methods give you an edge over other songwriters.

  • Songwriters

Anyone who wants to step up to the next level.

  • Topline writers & Jingle Writers 

Those who want to enhance their skills and learn new methods & techniques

  • Lyricists

If you want to write your own melodys to your own lyrics instead of having to rely on others to write music for you.

  • People who write songs for fun

Writers who just want to write songs for their family and friends.

  • Songwriters who need to get the job done A.S.A.P

If your all out of inspiration writing a song is difficult if not' near impossible.

We will show you how to make great melodys even if your inspiration has walked away & you've lost the will to live. with our methods it's easy.

  • Staff writers

Pressure is the name of your game but you still manage to get the job done. Our methods will make it easy for you.



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