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When you flick through the Internet and people are talking about methods. You get a whole bunch of explanations as to what their methods are. These range from the following, and I know that you've probably heard them all before. 

I Write a lot or I always carry a recorder

I Write story's or I listen to different accents

Before I Write a song I make sure I don't go to bed  the night before, as Im more creative when I'm tired.

Over tune your guitar under tune your guitar 

I have a hook book and I always write little phrases  down for future reference. 

FAWM. Write 14 songs during the month of February 1 every 2 days. Etc.

There are thousands of these little snippets scattered all over the Internet on what people construe as a method.


But these are not methods. These are just how some songwriters approach sitting down to write a song.

We won't be showing you any of this.

But what we will show you is how to pick up your guitar and instantly create a melody. 

Create melodies even when you don't feel inspired to write a song. We will show how to create countless melodies a day. One melody after the other. 

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