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Shortcut To Melody Creation


Like everything in life there are shortcuts

If you go for a walk there'll be a shortcut  to get you to your destination faster.

On your home screen there are shortcuts to a website or app you just click on, so you don't have to type the whole Web address.

You've probably seen your kids playing video games. Where they can't get past a certain level so they find a cheat that gets them wherever they want to go.

That's what i have done i have created a shortcut to find instant melodys.

One of the first things I get asked by songwriters  is how do you know it works. Easy" because these methods don't just bring up new melodys that you've never heard before.

They bring up the following.

They bring up good original melodys, crap melodys, and hit melodies. All original.

They also bring up songs that have already been hits in the past. And this is why I know it works.

The first thing I will show you is how I came up with method one.

The first time I applied this method to my guitar I came with a very famous song that had already been a hit and sold over 16 million copies worldwide. 

You will know you've got a melody within the first 10 seconds of playing these methods.



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