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All of these melodys took from only a few seconds to 10 minutes to create

Melodies and samples will be added between july and august  2017 give or take a few days.

Click on our soundcloud link below to hear some samples from some of the music I've created using these methods

I will only add four or five fully produced samples on here.

I have decided not to put to many fully produced songs with all the bells and whistles on here. Because i want to show you the raw melodys that our methods create. I will however add some before and afters. Starting with a raw melody as it came off the guitar and the fully produced version.

Later I will add the raw melody's that you come up with as they roll off the guitar. Just to show you the quality of these methods and to show you the kind of melodies that you can instantly create by spending a few minutes a day using our methods.

Because lets face it before you turn your melody into a hit. The first thing you have to do is to create a fantastic vocal melody.

The fully produced samples will include the following.

Samples will include.

A rock sample. 

A tropical house. 

An EDM song. 

And a couple of pop songs.

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