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Our Methods will change the way you compose melody's forever.

These methods are not like any other methods that you'll find on the internet. Or in a music school or college. With these methods You will compose melodies instantly and create melodies on command one after the other all day long.

You can search the internet forever reading articles on tips and tricks from well known songwriters, famous pop stars, Grammy winners, Songwriting schools,'s and the like. But after you have read through all these or attended any of the above. The chances are you will still be none the wiser.

The above may show you how to improve your songwriting skills but has anything you've read in all the articles in books and on the internet ever showed you how to instantly compose a melody ??

What we will show you is how to pick up a guitar or sit down at your keyboard etc. And instantly create a melody, 10 seconds later another melody.

We will show you how to create melodys one after the other all day long. And it only takes less than 30 minutes to learn you these methods. With ongoing support if you need it.

We will not waffle on when you first sign up to this and you meet us for the first time on our video link.

But what we will do is blow you away within the first 3 minutes of showing you how these methods work.

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