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The Songwriters Handbook

When you first get that feeling that makes you want to write a song for the very first time all sorts of questions are going through your mind.

One of the first things you ask is how do you come up with a great melody. How do the great songwriters write a hit in an afternoon or in some cases as quickly as 10 minutes.

Is there a trick you can do on your guitar or piano etc. That will enable you to reel melodys off your instruments one after the other all day long. The answer is yes there is. I will show you how this works.

First we want to answer all of your questions about melody creation that will arise during your songwriting life.

You won't learn any of these methods from any songwriting course - songwriting academy - school or music college.

There are many ways to write a song and for every way there are a thousand questions. But whenever you ask a question wether it's on a search engine or a songwriting forum. A question such as where do I start or how do I progress a melody or where do I put my fingers next or how do I actually make a melody. The answers are always vague and never the answers you are looking for.

Making a melody is no harder than making a cup of tea. As we will show you.

There are many other ways to write a song, other than using methods. But why take a month or a year or so to come up with a hit melody when you can do it instantly using our methods. 

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