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Welcome To Making Melody's

What is the melody of a song and is it important.  Well yes'' of course it is. The melody of a song is the part of the song that you sing no one goes around singing the backing track of a song. Hovever, our methods not only gives you the melody it also gives you the backing chords of the melody at the same time.

You've all heard of the songwriting magic formula. The formula for creating melodies. The formula that you hear people say doesn't exist. I've got news for you. It does. And it's very simple and this only takes minutes to learn. 

This is the formula or method that will help you create melodies minute after minute, hour after hour all day long. Even if you've never composed a melody before.


Our Methods


These methods are not like any other methods that you'll find on the internet. Or in a music school or college. With these methods You will compose melodies instantly and create melodies on command one after the other all day long. You will be creating melodies within 10 minutes of talking to us. 

You can search the internet forever reading articles about tips and tricks from well known songwriters, famous pop stars, Grammy winners, Songwriting schools, colleges. academy's and the like. 

But after you have read through all these articles or attended or any of the above. The chances are you will still be none the wiser. We won't be learning you anything you would learn from any of the above. 

What we will show you is how to pick up a guitar or sit down at your keyboard etc. And instantly create a melody, 10 seconds later another melody. 


Click on our soundcloud link 

To hear some of the melodies I've created using these methods. Or you can click on the guitar picture to access our soundcloud.


Latest review

Great methods. Would recommend to anyone!

Fantastic I never thought I'd ever be able to write melodys to my lyrics until now. So easy to use.
Jeff baines, Manchester UK

Latest blog post

Composing melodys is as easy as making a copy of tea if you've got a songwriting method.   ...
Posted by Melody Maker`s on 13 March 2017 00:39

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