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The Songwriting Magic Formula

The contents of this book should not be confused with counterpoint or harmony This book is about melody and how to Instantly create vocal melodies with the backing chords at the same time.

Let’s get rid of a few myths

There’s no set way to create a melody “Not true” Pupil says to mentor, I know you’re going to teach me how to write better songs, but how do I come up with the actual melody. The mentor turns to the pupil and says. “well, that’s the million dollar question. I wish i could just say, sit there, with your guitar, do this and out will pop a melody. But unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a magic formula”. Yes there is and i will show you how this works. This book contains a link to a tutorial video, where you will see me teaching a pupil how the methods work and how to create instant hit melodies.

When you first get that feeling that makes you want to write a song for the very first time all sorts of questions are going through your mind. One of the first things you ask is how do you come up with a great melody. How do the great songwriter’s write a hit in an afternoon or in some cases as quickly as 10 minutes. Is there a trick you can do on your guitar or piano etc. That will enable you to reel melody’s off your instruments one after the other all day long until you find one you like. The answer is yes there is. Anyone can learn it within a few minutes. You don’t need to know music theory or pay thousands of pounds on songwriting courses Because you won't learn any of these methods from any songwriting course - songwriting academy - school or music college. Or anywhere on you tube or the internet.

Like everything in life there are shortcuts

If you go for a walk there’ll be a shortcut to get to your destination faster. On your phone or computer screen there are shortcuts to a website or app, so that you don’t have to type the whole web address. You’ve probably seen your kids playing on their video games, where they can’t get past a certain level so they find a cheat to get them to whatever level they want. There are shortcuts in music too, and once you find them or know where they are, they allow making hit melodies to be no harder than making a cup of tea, or making a sandwich.

Latest review

Latest review

Great methods. Would recommend to anyone!

Fantastic I never thought I'd ever be able to write melodys to my lyrics until now. So easy to use.
Jeff baines, Manchester UK

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Composing melodys is as easy as making a copy of tea if you've got a songwriting method.   ...
Posted by Melody Maker`s on 13 March 2017 00:39

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